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An EDC bag is a bag that you carry with you and has the essential items that will provide for your survival needs for a day. EDC stands for "Every Day Carry" bag.


Let's put it this way, as a "prepper" who wants to be prepared for any potential disaster that might occur, you have to realize that this event may occur at any given moment of the day or night.


It is not going to wait until you are at home amidst all your prepper gear. The purpose of the EDC bag is that you will at least have some gear with you at all times. Just enough to ensure you have the essentials until you reach home.


Your needs will vary according to whether you live in an urban situation or a rural one. It will also vary according to your gender and age. Your bag is personally designed for you alone and will be unique.


You have a life and it is important that your EDC bag is not going to be totally out of place in that life, otherwise you will be tempted to leave it in the car instead of taking it with you. If you work and lie in a more formal lifestyle then having an EDC bag that is a military rucksack is going to look odd. You must choose a bag design that blends with your environment.



EDC Bags v Bug-Out Bags


An EDC bag is NOT the same as a BOB (bug-out-bag). A BOB is designed to cater to your needs in an evacuation scenario and is designed to have the essentials for a minimum of 72 hours.


72 Hours is the recognized norm, but some people try to design the BOB for a week. The BOB would be used if the nature of the emergency was such that you had to evacuate and not stay in your home (which is normally the best option).


The BOB should be ready packed to go at a moment's notice and will be larger than an EDC bag. Some people have the BOB in their car, so it is always available wherever they are. Imagine a scenario where some kind of disaster happens where your home is located and you are the other side of the city. Do you really want to go into the danger zone to collect your BOB?


An EDC is totally different and will contain items that you use on an everyday basis as well as supplementary items in case of emergency. The EDC should be at your side at all times.


There may be a small degree of duplication between the contents of a BOB and an EDC bag, but the EDC bag will also contain a number of everyday items that you use on a normal day.


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Size Does Matter


Your EDC bag is something that you will be carrying around on a daily basis. It should not be so large that it becomes cumbersome to carry around, resulting in you gradually leaving it behind. However, it should not be so small that it does not have space for essential items.


Take this bag seriously, in a real emergency it is going to be your first resource while you collect your BOB (if evacuation is necessary) or while you get home if it is not.


The type of bag you choose will be a personal decision. I get by with a large laptop bag that has a shoulder strap. Ladies may be more comfortable with a large purse, and someone living in the wilds may have no problem with a small rucksack. The choice is yours.




Ten Essential Items for an EDC bag


Everybody's EDC bag is going to be different. They are unique to the individual and relate to the lifestyle that they live. However, there are probably ten items that may be common to all bags. We will look at these items next.

  1. Money: If the power goes off, how are you going to get cash? The ATMs will either be down because of no power or even if they are up, there will be long queues. Credit cards will be quite useless in a situation where there is no electricity, cash will once more be king. Make sure you have a small emergency wallet in your bag with the money you may need, ready to use. You will have further cash available in your BOB, so this needs to be money that will cover getting home, buying fuel, etc.
  2. A Flashlight: This is always a useful item to carry and when thinking about emergency situations it is even more of an important tool. It does not need to be a full-size model, there are some very strong LED flashlights available these days that take up very little space.
  3. A quality Swiss Army Knife" which in addition to the blade will have a variety of tools on it like a bottle opener and screwdriver. Whilst you cannot take a full-size toolbox around with you in your EDC the Swiss Army Knife is a nice compact alternative.
  4. Your Cell Phone: Most people carry a cell phone anyway, but your smartphone can be an invaluable tool for getting updates of information and contacting friends and family. In real large-scale emergencies, it is likely that the cell system will be overloaded and unavailable, but you may be fortunate.
  5. First Aid Kit: Once again, this is something you will also have in your BOB, but a smaller version to deal with minor emergencies should be part of your EDC. Just enough content to deal with a burn, a small wound, and to flush your eye of particles and dirt.
  6. A steel water bottle: This is a useful item for everyday use anyway (keep it topped up), but can also be useful in conjunction with your first aid kit in medical emergencies. Ideally, the bottle should be steel so you have the option of using it over an open fire to warm water.
  7. Notepad and Pen: In an emergency, it can be useful to have a notepad and pen for recording information, directions, and co-ordinates.
  8. Power Banks: It is possible to get small power banks very cheaply now that can be left in your EDC as a reserve charge for your cell phone or any other small device. Just remember to regularly check they remain charged. They weigh very little and are very compact.
  9. Paracord: This very strong cord has many uses in an emergency and takes very little space in your bag. It is a very versatile item to have in your bag, for repairs, slings, tying up items that are broken.
  10. Medication: You should always keep a supply of any medication that you need in your EDC so that you do not have to worry about getting home quickly to collect your supply.

I always carry a laptop or tablet with me as a matter of course, and either of these items can be an essential communications tool.

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Personal Choice for Contents


Think carefully about what you use every day in everyday life. There may be items that you already carry that are not on the above list. Paper tissues, headache medication, makeup, I can also think of other items that may be useful in an emergency, like a plastic poncho, a face mask, sunglasses, a small cooling fan (battery). Everyone will have different ideas and that is fine. It is your bag and you decide.


In conclusion remember that your EDC or Every Day Carry is not the same as your BOB or Bug Out Bag.  Although you might find some crossover of items your EDC is exactly that, items you carry daily on your person for short term situation or immediate situation but not for Multi day survival.

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