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Freeze Dried Foods

Disaster Preparation:101

Due to current world events, the need to be prepared for disaster is becoming more urgent and apparent. With the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting the whole world, even in countries that usually are rather tranquil, most people are realizing that no country or community is truly in a "protective bubble". While a worrying prospect to some, there are always lessons that can be learned from current events as a result you need to consider Freeze Dried Food.

Panic Buying

From panic buying to empty supermarket shelves and even the quarantine in some countries, it may become obvious that being prepared is the key to safety, especially when it comes to items of basic necessity, such as food.

However, many find that being prepared for a disaster, in terms of food, may not be so easy after all. How can that be? In many first world countries food may be a bit of an obvious commodity. We may not realize how much we actually eat until food become scarce. This may be an even bigger problem for those of us that also want to look after the needs of our families. Additionally, many foods may go out of date quickly, further making it difficult to prepare for disaster.

Canned products can be high in calories and nutrients with extended expiration dates, but they are often heavy in weight, and as such, difficult to transport in an evacuation setting.

Is there any other way for long term food storage, that is also highly caloric and lightweight? Many have found freeze dried foodsas their solution.

Valued by military personnel, mountaineers and even astronauts, freeze dried foods have become a must for those who want to prepare for disaster.

What are some of the advantages of freeze-dried food/meals?

Rich in calories and nutrients

  • Many dehydrated foods have been put together specially to suit the need of people in physically demanding situations and professions, including hikers and the army. This means less is needed to satisfy hunger. With food items ranging from breakfasts to dinners to dehydrated fruit, it is possible to use such meals to plan out a healthy and nutritious diet in times of need.

Long shelf life

  •  Due to the freeze-drying preservation method, dehydrated foods boast an incredibly long shelf life. Many unopened freeze-dried products can last up to 25 years.


  •  Although not so obvious to most, many campers, soldiers and mountaineers know that water is relatively heavy. Due to being food, just with all water removed, as a result freeze dried food are extremely light and portable.

Easy to prepare

  • Many freeze-dried meals are in single serve pouches. They simply require the addition of water, hot or cold, to prepare a filling meal.


  • Most freeze-dried meals, such as dinners and breakfasts are simply well prepared and very tasty!

Where can I Get freeze dried foods?

As a result freeze dried foods are becoming more and more common and easier to get a hold of. Most online marketplaces sell such foods at acceptable prices. It is also worth checking outdoor and camping stores, both online and physical, as dehydrated foods often form a large part of their merchandise.

However, quite often such dehydrated foods may be expensive. If you are looking for a bargain, the best place to look may be in online and physical army surplus stores. Freeze dried military rations or MRE’s may be found in such places at a lower-than-usual cost!

What is suggested is starting out slow with your purchases. Start out making one order a month. Before you know it you will have stockpile!

The Takeaway

Being well prepared for when disaster strikes may be the key to survival. If you are looking to prepare long-lasting food stocks for you and your family, freeze dried foods are truly worth considering.

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