Chicken coop. Backyard chickens

19 /May

Backyard Chickens

Do you want to know the basics about raising chickens? Where do you start with chickens and chicken coops?  Here you will find the basics about chickens

by Josh Kaplan

Seed Starting,Gardening

28 /April

Seed Starting For Spring Time

Are you interested in a vegetable garden? You must first start with seed starting.

by Josh Kaplan

Freeze dried food

22 /April

Freeze Dried Food Basics

Do you know what freeze dried food really is? This article will give you the basics of emergency food.

by Josh Kaplan

Do you have a disaster plan?  What about a family disaster plan?

19 /April

Basic Disaster Preparedness Checklist

Basic Disaster Preparedness Checklist. Do you need a check list for your survival equipment? Emergency checklist? Read this.

by Josh Kaplan

Family BOB or Bug Out Bag. Learn what you need for your family

19 /April

Family Bug Out Bag

Now that you have your Bug Out Bag or BOB. Next is..What do you need inside your Bug Out Bag? Different people have different Bug Out Bag  requirements.

by Josh Kaplan