Family BOB or Bug Out Bag. Learn what you need for your family

19 /April

Family Bug Out Bag

Now that you have your Bug Out Bag or BOB. Next is..What do you need inside your Bug Out Bag? Different people have different Bug Out Bag  requirements.

by Josh Kaplan

Are you building a Bug Out Bag? Or also known as a B.O.B. Read our Bug Out Bag guide.

18 /April

Packing A Bug Out Bag

Do you have a bug out bag? Or also known as a BOB.  What is in a bug out bag? Why do you need a Bug out bag?

by Josh Kaplan

Want to know about dehydrating food? Start with mushroom dehydration.

14 /April

Mushroom Dehydration

Do you like mushrooms? Want to understand the basics of food dehydration?Read this.

by Josh Kaplan


12 /April

The Face of a Prepper

In the wake of COVID-19, life as we know it will never be the same

by Josh Kaplan