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The Face of a Prepper

By: Josh Kaplan

In the wake of COVID-19, life as we know it will never be the same. History books will divide events as pre and post Corona Epidemic. College classes will be taught on the “Covid times”. Our children will always remember “that time” when life changed forever. And they will tell their children about the pre-Covid times…when it was okay to high five a friend, or go on a school field trip, or to have grandma wipe their runny nose, without fear. They will describe these current times the way our grandparents spoke about the Great Depression or worse, The Holocaust; and how we have shared the stories of 9/11. Or maybe they will also remember all of those nights sitting at the dinner table, together, as a family. Maybe they will tell the stories about being stuck inside for months with their Ipads, Netflix, endless snacks and limited toilet paper the way our parents tell the stories of the Wall coming down between East and West Germany, or the way we remember September 12, 2001, when the world came together.

There is horror and fear tearing the world apart, but there is also endless kindness and love spreading like never before. No matter what stories of these times remain, I know for sure the world will be a different place.

I have also been a prepper. Before it was cool or trendy, and before people went on television to show off their stockpiles and bunkers, I was buying more than I needed “just in case”. Never being sure of exactly what the emergency would be, I knew that there would be one. And even though my collection was not outrageous, close friends and family knew that I would always have enough for us, no matter what. Sometimes they chuckled, telling me I was crazy. Sometimes, I questioned it myself as my wife stocked our overcrowded basement closet with freeze dried food. But here we are-2020 and finding gems like cleaning wipes, toilet paper, meat, eggs and paper towels, have now become a reason to celebrate after a masked and gloved grocery trip is completed.

I used to be the face of a prepper. I was that guy. But now, the world has changed. Even those who could not understand why I needed extra bottles of shampoo or cans of string beans, have been asking me for guidance. We have all become preppers, over the last few months. We have been forced to start worrying about the when, and not the if. And when this pandemic leaves the world different than how it was before, we must all prepare for the next “when”.

The Face of A Prepper

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